Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm fascinated by flowery channeled information.  I read one yesterday that felt to me like adverb-laden food writing.  Sweet, nurturing, re-assuring guidance is so *not* what I get.

Here's an example, I read one person's writing yesterday that was something like, "The love you seek shall make itself know to thee" and continued for thousands of words.  While I think that's great I used to wonder if what I got was real since the words that would appear on the paper were nothing like that.  Mine are short, to the point and much more blunt.

I meditate twice a day, sometimes 3 times.  The information that comes is almost never during mediation but a time when I feel that I must sit down to write.

Today's guidance?  During mediation.  The first one, in response to a specific questions I asked last night, "Hey McFly!  You're not listening.  Hippies.  Look to the hippies."  I laughed until I cried.  The second,  "Stay out of your f*&king head."