Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pet Psychics a new trend?

Lately I've been reading stories online or in the paper about lost pets and psychics. Oprah had a pet psychic on her show who found a Pomeranian that had blown away in the wind. Two weeks ago, the Vancouver, BC newspaper had an article about a couple who had hired 2 psychics to find their very expensive pet. Today, an article about a family that had lost their doberman, offering a $10,000 reward

I wonder, why is this a new item of news? Before I realized that the connection I had with animals was something that most people did not have, I hired pet psychics or communicators for somewhere around 10-15 years. Then again I talk to the deceased for a living, maybe my hiring pet communicators since I was a teenager is not the best gauge of normal.

Is the idea that our connection with our animals is more than dominionism that woo woo? As a nation we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on our pets, and very little of this are vet bills and dog food. We train them, buy beds, clothes, toys, brush their teeth, buy cat trees, $50 brushes that help with shedding, we take them to day care, pay for airplane seats and support an airline devoted to transporting only dogs. We throw birthday parties, buy bigger beds because the animals are sleeping on our beds, and make celebrities out of “dog whisperers”. When they're young they eat our shoes, carpet, door jams, coffee tables and break through screens. When they're old we help them up the stairs, buy glucosamine or rimadyl for their hips and put up with deafness, blindness and loose “business”. We spend our days between joy and exasperation, wanting to provide the life we would want to have. After they are gone we examine their lives through our eyes often with regret.

We grieve our pets as strongly or stronger than our family members. Our facebook pages have more pictures of our animals than our family, and not only because of e-predators. We have dog parks, churches that allow dogs, and filter our dog water. Animals are providing something for us, couldn't this be something spiritual?

Have you ever been on a trip and thought of your animal? Have you ever been drifting off to sleep and thought of the cat outside? One thing I've encountered is that we all really can do this, and have. Those of us who do this for a living have just practiced it longer. We have learned what certain images mean, and do not have the emotional connection to the animal you have. When our emotions are involved we are less effective.

In the process of packing a house and moving a few months ago, my Golden Retriever Sean took off. He was usually back within 10-20 minutes, and hours had gone by, I was getting lots of wrong information because I was too close. I called a friend who is very intuitive (but would never admit it) and asked what he thought, he re-assured me Sean was around and fine. Later I asked Sean's sister from a different litter who also told me he was fine and where to look. I went to that area and he came bounding out of the local wildlife refuge, quite pleased with himself after 5 hours.

I have the honor of speaking with the animals both here and deceased, and yes all dogs go to heaven. Cats, rabbits, mice, gerbils, llamas and pot bellied pigs do too. Often, pets are the ones that meet us when it's our turn. The question I most often get is, “Are/were they happy?”

I can locate missing animals, using remote viewing and the animal's perspective as well as google maps. There has been enough evidence lately that finding animals via one of these gifts, that have been taken, run away or lost is real.  Being able to communicate with our animals is not that out there. Sometimes we need validation that we are doing the right thing. Sometimes there is a behavioral issue, sometimes a physical issue. Sometimes the animal is missing or deceased. We are with our animals every day, they are a large part of our lives. Whatever the issue, having the issue resolved will make a difference for us, our peace of mind and for them.

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