Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Remember the brother from “A Christmas Story”? All bundled up for the cold, he gets finished with hats and mittens and then has to pee? Once he gets outside he falls down and is so bundled up he can't get up? That's me today, and everyone I've seen.

I'm sitting inside and have a sweater, cardigan and v neck on. 2 pairs of socks, Ear bra. Quilt on my lap. I check the thermostat and even though it says 63 I am chilly. When I take the dogs out- who are crazy with cabin fever, I put on a few more layers. To answer a call I put my headset on over my ear bra and turn up the volume.

NOAA says it is only -6 with a windchill of -24. I know I've been through worse. I know that living up on the mountain there were nights where the windchill was -50. I think about meditating on Hawaii, or a Denver July day but decide against it, being present is better and I end up relaxing into the cold. I think my Minnesota accent is coming back stronger in the cold. I stubbed my toe this morning climbing over dogs in front of the fire, and what came out of my mouth? "Oh Jeez"!

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