Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cleavage necessary to talk to the dead?

My direct tv goes in and out.  Sometimes I can't get local channels, sometimes nothing.  A few days ago my channel choices were limited and I watched an old episode of Ghost Whisperer.  Good Lord, Love must have been taped into her dress, I would have fallen out or had to stand very, very still.  One quick turn and the girls would be out in their tattooed glory.

I came in towards the end of the episode, she was talking to a deceased mother who gave her a recipe to cook and told her the family grace to say. 

Does this happen?  Can we get recipes from beyond?  You bet, happens to me all the time.  My family members over there are often making suggestions about my cooking.  Cooking is nourishing for me and whomever is eating with me. It's also a time to be with my loved ones.  Blame that Cancer moon of mine but I love to cook.  Just not in a dress I could fall out of in a monty python like thump onto the dinner table.

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