Monday, January 11, 2010

Over the Moon

Moon is a dog client of mine and is missing her brother.  Before today we hadn't met in person/animal. She has gone through gates to find her brother and chewed up the inside door of a car. I've said that for the most part, animals aren't complex and don't have complex thoughts. I'm happy, I like you, I don't like you, I'm sad, I'm hungry, I want more treats, food, toys, walking, etc. Some of the critics of animal communicators (at least critics of me) want those thoughts to be complex like ours. Sammy and Moon have taught me that sometimes this is true.

She's sitting here with us after coming to doggie day care next door and breaking through a fence. She hasn't figured out the dog door in the cottage so she started by pacing in my very little cottage.

After about an hour she came over and put her head in my hands and started a steady stream of thoughts and images to me. Why did he leave me? Where's my mom? Why are we moving without him? I'm too old to make it alone again. I responded to some of the questions and she settled down at my feet.

I was hoping my dogs would play with her, they seem to know better and are taking care of her.
Even the sometimes snotty Neela is gentle with her.  Complex, simple, it doesn't matter.  Today is healing for all of us.

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