Monday, December 28, 2009


What's your passion? What do you do, that when you are engaged, the rest of the world falls away?

About 5 years ago I discovered by accident I enjoyed cooking. I enjoyed the creation. I loved being a apart of something beautiful and sensual. My fantasies began with paging through gourmet magazine and creating the dishes, with family and friends there. What they said, how it nourished them. Did they say anything or just roll their eyes back in their head? Having loved ones over for a meal, I blessed the food in my hands, blessed the recipients and discovered the lineage of women in my family that had done the same thing. When I cook, I am surrounded by the women in my family. My great-grandmother Ethel is around me with a smile and the smell of flour. My great-aunt Mickey chides me for not rolling the noodles or pie dough thin enough. Margie stands over me making caramel and fudge. My great-grandmother Jeanne is a quiet presence, representing my mother's side of the family. They all contribute and all are a part of the meals I make. This might be creepy for some but is comforting to me. Sometimes I ask for help or guidance, sometimes I just feel their presence and smile.

I'm an introvert, off the scales each time I take Myers Briggs. I'm terrible at small talk, it seems a waste of time. Instead I smile and nod a lot, people tell me I'm a great listener. I become overstimulated quickly, again shutting down, smiling and nodding a lot. But with food, and particularly baking the world is quiet. The rest of the world fades away, it is me, my ancestors and the dough. For those minutes or hours, all is right with the world.


  1. You must read Julia Child's autobiograohy My Life In France. It will inspire you. (It will also make you very hungry!)